Happy Dussehra 2016 Images: Dasara HD Pictures and Vijayadashami Wallpapers & Photos

By | October 11, 2016

Wish You Happy Dusserha 2016!!!  Diwali is very famous and big festival of Hindu religion, before 20 days of Diwali, Dussehra also celebrate by Indians this day also known as Vijaydashami. Here we have a collection of Best Dussehra Images, Photos, HD Wallpapers, Pics, Pictures to wish everyone a Happy Dussehra. You can share it with your loved ones and on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp with your friends.

People celebrate this day with lots of enthusiasm and burn huge dummies of Ravana, Khumbhakaran, and Meghnaath. It all signifies the victory of good over bad. Lord Rama free his wife, Goddess Sita from Ravana who kidnapped her. In the navratri days, people enacts the important parts from Ramayan in stage shows known as ‘Ramleela.’


Happy Vijayadashami 2016


Happy Dussehra 2016


Happy Dusserha Wallpapers


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